A Trip to San Francisco for the Mashable Open Web Awards

kristen-frank-owa.pngThe Mashable Open Web Awards in San Francisco were a couple of days ago, and it was a really great coming out party for the team. The best part of going was getting to meet all the people that run the companies I write about (a given, I know). Working in Chicago poses the typical downside when you write for a tech publication. It’s like writing about Wall St. when you live in Kansas.

And while the advent of the Internet has changed all this, thanks to the economy of instant publication and cross-platform and cross-device distribution methods, it’s still great to meet a few folks face to face. The Open Web Awards wasn’t the first time I’d gotten an opportunity to meet more people, but it was the most important opportunity for me thus far. Lots of folks have written about the awards ceremony, including Mashable. See the recap post and video here, and Brian Solis’ photo stream here. Woot! (That’s a real word now.)

And even though it’s Saturday morning and I’m still on a high from my trip, even more good news for Mashable has given us a reason to keep the high going; Mashable was awarded Most Improved Blog by Performancing. What a way to kick off the new year!

By the way, any photographers that were at the Mashable Open Web Awards, I have a lens filter that was lost–and found. Ping me if this lone filter belongs to you!


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