1 Month Anniversary: Kristen Nicole in San Francisco

I’ve been in San Francisco for about a month now, and I hate to say that my schedule has been so crazy, that I haven’t been able to update my personal blog as often as I’d hoped. At any rate, I’m glad to say that my past few weeks in San Francisco have been great.

Other than meeting with more people than I’ve ever been able to, taking in the San Francisco culture has been an equally rewarding experience. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, a lot of folks have been able to recommend restaurants, clubs, bars and museums that they’d think I’d find interesting while staying in town. I went to Prana last night for the Fast Company HOT party, and I enjoyed the decor and the location. The bar tenders at Prana and Ambassador are great, too. 😉

Over the weekend, with my mother visiting, I got to do some of the touristy stuff around town. We checked out the farmer’s market, pier 39, the fisherman’s wharf and even Dottie’s cafe for a great breakfast of sweet potato french toast and a spinach omelet. Yum!

Other than eating and walking around the city, I’ve also had the opportunity to attend a handful of conferences. The Video Summit was the first conference I attended after moving out here, while ad:tech and Web 2.0 Expo all but took over my life for the following two weeks. I even got to take a ride in the Schwaggin’ Wagon. Check out the Mashable FLickr stream here.

Center image credit: Brian Solis


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