Apple Abandoning Macworld–and its Cult?

picture-139Apple has announced today that next year is the last year the company will be exhibiting at the Macworld Expo.  The reason? Apple has gotten big enough that it doesn’t need trade shows to reach consumers anymore. 

From Apple:

Apple is reaching more people in more ways than ever before, so like many companies, trade shows have become a very minor part of how Apple reaches its customers.

I can understand from many perspectives why a company would scale back on trade shows, especially given the current economic climate.  And Apple has also been scaling back on its trade show appearances for the past few years. 

But I still think it’s a bad idea for Apple. 

This company has created a cult following that is still going strong, and there are a lot of people that look forward to Macworld, if only to hear from Apple itself.  Having already pulled out of Macworld New York and Tokyo, the announcement today to discontinue appearances at Macworld in San Francisco makes me a little sad and disappointed. 

Admittedly I do have a Macbook and an iPod Touch (no iPhone here, folks), and I am generally a fan of the company’s products. Even though I’m not a die-hard fanboy, I still respect the company’s ability to maintain its cult-like following, which has been a combination of its internal leadership, foresight in cross-industry presence, and marketing. 

I’m just hoping that Apple’s plans for continuing to “reach out” to consumers doesn’t include even more Mac vs PC commercials.  They’re cute, but they’re not everlasting.



One thought on “Apple Abandoning Macworld–and its Cult?

  1. Trade shows are becoming less important since companies prefer doing product announcements on their web sites and blogs. Another problem with trade shows is that they reach a limited audience. Its nowhere near as large as numbers you can reach through the Internet. There are far fewer tradeshows today than there was a decade ago.

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