So I Wrote a Book…About Twitter!

So I wrote a book! I co-authored a book, actually. In partnership with Bob Walsh, the man behind 47hats, I spent a good portion of this past year working on The Twitter Survival Guide. It’s a downloadable ebook that covers the gamut of hings you’ll need to know as a new (or veteran) Twitter user.

All the basics are covered, so The Twitter Survival Guide is an excellent starting place for newbie Twitter users. We’ve got a brief history of Twitter, some pointers on how to get your profile set up for personal or professional purposes, and a short list of some of the most powerful third party applications that will help you get the most out of the Twitter service.

Also important to note are the interviews we have with some heavy-hitting Twitter users, including Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuck, and more.

Here’s the blurb:

We wrote The Twitter Survival Guide to provide a definitive, timely resource for people who want to get the most value from Twitter. In this 90-page ebook, we combine our insights on the deeper dynamics of building online reputations with interviews with 12 influential early adopters and ardent supporters of Twitter, including Guy Kawasaki (Garage Technology Ventures), Steve Rubel (Micro Persuasion), Darren Rowse (, Gary Vaynerchuck (WineLibraryTV) and Marshall Kirkpatrick (ReadWriteWeb).

About my co-author Bob Walsh:

Bob Walsh- by turns, Iā€™m a developer, blogger, author, consultant, podcaster and still think of myself as a reporter from my days in that line of business a very long time ago. This is my fourth book-length work, after Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality (Apress, 2006), Clear Blogging (Apress, 2007) and MicroISV Sites that Sell! (ebook, 2008).

Currently, I blog for CNET Webware, at my own blog at 47Hats and do a weekly podcast, The Startup Success Podcast. In the past I have blogged for Web Worker Daily and
A good deal of my time goes to working with and for my fellow developers – helping them define, shape and present their startup/microISV applications clearly.

BUY THE BOOK! Click here.

Keep the momentum going, too! Check out MultiSocialMedia regularly for ongoing discussions about the use of online social media as it relates to our culture. And feel free to follow us on Twitter as well!


15 thoughts on “So I Wrote a Book…About Twitter!

  1. Wonderful idea, Kristen. I’m sorry, I hadn’t realized you had your own blog, I always saw Mashable on the Twitter page. I’m going to contact @David_N_Wilson who runs the TweepleProfiles page, if you don’t mind. He’s a great writer and we’ve been friends for decades. Keep up the good work, writing is the most important thing a person can do, I was told that in 1985 and I stand by those words.

  2. Kristen,

    Glad to finally catch up with you. I hadn’t seen your posts on Mashable and wondered where you ended up. I can’t wait to read the book- I just bought it. At very least, I want to be conversant in Twitter when it comes up; and it seems like its becoming an indispensable business tool (like LinkedIn but more conversational). I’ve moved on since grayboxx and have an operation I’m running in India. Best, and congrats on the book!


    • So good to hear from you! Thanks for the support, and please let me know what you think. Be sure to check back at to see ongoing articles/commentary/interviews regarding Twitter, and we’ll be updating the ebook regularly as well!

  3. I saw you on WTTW and fell in love. Let me take you to the Chicago Symphony, for some real twittering. Somewhere you wrote: “co-authored by Bob Walsh and Myself.” I believe it is Bob Walsh and me.

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