Chris, Kris and Kristen: Why Does Social Networking Grow?

Kristen Nicole on WTTW

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited by Christian Farr to participate as a social media commentator for his technology segment at WTTW’s Chicago Tonight program, covering recent social media growth.

I was also lucky enough to sit alongside Kristian Hammond, a professor at Northwestern University as well as the Co-Director Intelligent Information Laboratory Department of Computer Science Northwestern University. Hammond, who also spoke on recent social media growth, is a regular on the Chicago Tonight program and was a fun and gracious co-commentator!

Being on Chicago Tonight was also a great opportunity to promote The Twitter Survival Guide, the book I co-authored with Bob Walsh, which can be purchased here (email me if you’d like a discount!).

I can honestly say that my first experience on a live television news program was thrilling and I can’t wait to do it again! If you’d like to see the segment in its entirety, click here.