Google Stunts; that Cozy Brand Feeling

Google changed its homepage today. It was funny, because I didn’t even notice. I rarely go to the Google homepage itself, opting to tab over to my Google search bar in my browser instead. It skips a step and requires less typing. And when I do go to to Google’s homepage, I move through it so fast that I typically miss the magically appearing links and, now, background image.

But I’m glad they changed their homepage. Why not? So what, it’s super commercial. We visit Google’s homepage millions of times per day. We’ve become so familiar with the Google homepage that it should be something we can customize. I wish there were more Gmail themes for me to choose from, because that’s what I spend the majority of my day looking at.

And in Google’s effort to become a more implanted brand with the whole of our culture, the company wraps its services in the shrouds of mainstream appeal. They took a smart cue from Microsoft’s Bing homepage, which has been gaining traction in its fight for Google-dominated search ground. With Google launching an insane amount of products to create its web of consumer access, we see another step with Google’s web-turned-desktop motif. Anyway, Microsoft’s already had experience with the whole desktop thing.

So as I was saying, I’m glad Google has custom background settings now. They’re far more pleasant to look at, and they even hypnotize us further into Google’s individualized relationship with consumers. Vote on more Google stunts at CNET.