How To Act when Meeting Your Boss for the First Time


With the Mashable Open Web Awards kicking off in San Francisco last week, the Mashable team got a chance to meet each other, mostly for the first time. I’ve been contributing to Mashable for over a year now, so it may seem strange that I never met my boss until last week. Pete Cashmore lives in the UK, so there wasn’t really an opportunity to meet each other until very recently. Up until last week, my job has been kind of like working for Bosley, except I’m no Charlie’s Angel!

Anyway, having experienced the pleasure of meeting my boss after all this time, I thought I’d offer up a few pointers for any others out there that may, one day, have the same opportunity as me. 😉

pete-cashmore-kristen-nicole.png Act Like You’ve Known Him For Forever
I’ve been chatting with Pete online nearly every day of my life for over a year now. Why act like strangers when you finally get to meet in person? Give him a great big hug and welcome the Brit to the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Make Fun of His British Accent
He’s the one that sounds funny now. This may be the only opportunity to poke fun at bossman without him getting too upset.

Add Insult to Injury by Giving Him an Americanized Name
Cash Money, for instance? It’s a two-fold pun, given that his last name is Cashmore, and the added fact that his success has increased nicely over the past year. Yup, Cash Money is in Forbes, baby. Now all he needs to do is start a rap record label.

Note: I didn’t come up with the Cash Money nickname; Roddy from Startup Schwag did. But I think it’s pretty sweet. Thanks, Roddy.

Don’t Say Anything Unabashedly Girlie
If you’re the only girl on the team of 8 guys (as I am), you don’t really need to make things even more interesting by making girlie comments like “back hair is gross.” Save that for martini night with Jen and Sophie.

Take Lots of Pictures To Prove You’re Both Real People
We work from home, in very distant cities. Who will ever believe that we’re real people unless we go out in public every so often? Besides. With picture-perfect proof like this, my mother will finally believe that I have an actual job.

Make Sure He Knows You Think He’s the Best Boss Evar
Pete, you’re the best boss evar. Thanks for everything!