SXSW Rocked Me…Straight to Bed.


I’ve been home from SXSW for a few days now, but I’m still recovering from the mayhem that is the Ultimate Spring Break for Geeks. I had a great time, and managed to lose my voice the very first night I was in Austin, thanks to the loud music and my inability to correctly use my diaphragm for projecting my voice–I just screamed instead.

By the time Tuesday night rolled around, what I though were allergies turned out to be an all-out chest cold. So after spending the past 2 days in bed, my eyes can now stand the light of the computer screen, and I can finally post a recap of all the great times I had at SXSW.

I’ll start off by saying that, despite ending up sick as a dog at the Interactive conference, I’d do it all again (with Purell in my pocket). I got to meet more people than I ever imagined, and I got to catch up with some folks I hadn’t seen in quite some time.

One of the highlights of my trip was my first video interview, which happened to be with Guy Kawasaki. You can see the interview here, as Kawasaki speaks on his latest venture, Alltop. I admit that I didn’t have a tripod with me, and had to hold the camera the entire time…so you won’t see me in the video. Maybe next time!

Another highlight of my trip was getting to use the Nokia N95, which has become quite popular thanks to the likes of Robert Scoble, and the phone’s ability to support services like Qik. I took lots of photos with the camera phone my first night at SXSW, and even tried my hand at live vlogging, but the camera’s flash leaves a lot to be desired.

Otherwise, I love the camera and I can’t wait to use it some more once I get out to San Francisco in about a week. See here for the Mashable Flickr stream, and feel free to visit my Facebook profile to see pictures there as well.