Cheers to a Good Cause! Create Your Own Web 2.0 Cocktail Recipe Book.

A few months ago I recalled my second trip to the DEMO conference, which was held in Palm Springs, CA. The conference was good, and the company was great. My personal highlight of the conference was the conceiving of the Kristini, which is a delectable concoction made of peach and mango, shaken together for the perfect summertime martini.

After sharing this experience with friends and gaining a lot of support from my colleagues, I’m happy to announce that everyone can create and share a cocktail recipe that represents them–for a good cause! I’ve teamed up with on-demand book publisher SharedBook to offer a collaborative cocktail recipe book that features drinks for the Chic Geek. Anyone can submit a recipe to be included in the book, which others can then add to their custom book and have printed and shipped on-demand. You can also customize an existing book to include your own images and recipes, which make for perfect party favors or gifts for special occasions. Get started here!

sharedbook techtini

sharedbook techtini

The best part is that all the proceeds from the book are going to the non-profit organization, which subsequently helps thousands of other non-profits gain new members and accept donations, around the world.

The cocktail recipe pocket guide costs just $19.95, and you’ll get a fully customized book of 40 pages, complete with a table of contents and a standard measurements table in the back. Given that the idea of the Tehtini Pocket Guide was borne of a web 2.0 event, we’d love to have other events create custom cocktail recipe guides for their attendees.

If you’d like to purchase books to offer as scwhag to your keynote speakers, VIP guests and other attendees, or if you’d like to sell a custom version of the Techtini Pocket Guide for your event, SharedBook has incentives in place to help you with your efforts. Please contact me for further details. Cheers!


Kristini: Conceived at DEMO 08.


I’ve spent the past 2 and a half days in Palm Desert, CA, soaking up the sights (and sounds) of DEMO 08. This being my second time attending the classic conference, I’m beginning to pick up on some of the traditions that have been cultivated as only traditions can be: over time, with lots of dedication to a unified experience (i.e. branding).

As fun as the Jam Session was (and as happy as we all were to find that it was open bar), I thought it high time to start creating some sub-traditions of my own. With the help of a few choice friends, namely Brian Solis, Frank Gruber, and several other fine folks, we thought up a lovely way to apply all of this web 2.0 ideology to the simple act of mixology. That’s right. We made up a cocktail.

Well actually, I’m certain we didn’t make up a cocktail, but being my usual undecided self, I had a hard time telling the bar tender exactly what I wanted to drink. I had a taste for peaches and mangoes, so Brian was savvy enough to have the bartender create one mashup of a drink. I don’t know exactly what goes into this delectable mashup martini, but it’s been dubbed (by people other than myself) the Kristini. I graciously accept the bestowing of my name upon a martini so yummy.

Now that we’ve developed the Kristini, we thought it would be great to release a platform, where all mashups are welcome, and can play together in this world of collaborative cocktail-mixing. Discussions have already begun for the Mashtini, which would be in honor of my place of employment. Given the pink and blue theme of Mashable, the Mashtini will have to be made with blue Curacao and a heavier liquid that’s pink in color, which will sit on the bottom of the martini glass. Any ideas? Let us know if you’d like to join this movement and offer up some drink recipes of your own.

[image credit brian solis]