About Kristen Nicole

Kristen Nicole

Kristen Nicole

I got my start with 606tech, a Chicago blog I dedicated to the social media space. I went on to become the lead writer and Field Editor at Mashable, and I’m currently the News Editor at SiliconANGLE. I’ve also contributed to other publications, from VentureBeat to the The Industry Standard. My work has been syndicated across a number of media outlets, including Yahoo! News, The New York Times, and MSNBC.

My latest accomplishment has been co-authoring The Twitter Survival Guide, which you can purchase here. I am also completing my second book, Tweetie Girl. Feel free to contact me for a discount code, or if you’re interested in helping us promote the book through our affiliate program! See contact info below.

As a media analyst and writer, I spend a lot of time across the social web. Visit my other profiles and contributions as well!




Email me at KristenNicole2 [at] gmail


25 thoughts on “About Kristen Nicole

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  3. Hi Kristin,
    I found your blog when reading follow-ups to Arrington’s “no embargo” post. I really liked your perspective and am glad I found you.

    I am a Marcom manager at HP and am working in our storage business. I look forward to reading your insights in the future.

    All the best,

  4. Hi..I’m very interested in your work and have just re-open my twitter account part of my new year resolution. Would love to buy your book on Twitter so a discount code will be appreciated in these hard times 🙂 I’m a sports blogger (writing mostly in French) and trying to position myself and my work to be out there. Would love to keep in touch and chat. Keep up the good work.

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  6. Hi Kristen! It feels strange writing that as I have the same name! I’ve read some of your stuff and found it very useful. I would like to get your book – mind sending me the discount code? Looking forward to the read!

  7. Hey Kristen, you are a pro for sure. But I noticed that your Alexa rank here is only 842,605 and was wondering if you are social bookmarking this site and pinging it. This is way too good to be ranked like that. You should at least be in the upper 200,000’s.

  8. Hi Kristen
    I read your article on GirlsGuideto.com, “A Girls Guide To…Twiter”. I am very intrigued with your work and success. I recently started my own business, ChicaLogic.com that empowers women to make informed decisions about technology, specifically computer software applications which are designed by women on the ChicaLogic team. I will rely on social media to acquire a following. Please do email me a discount code and inform me about your upcoming Twitter Guide for Women.


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  10. Hello…
    Maxthon International’s Android and Windows browsers work together in a cloud computer environment to share data instantly and automatically. Changes made in favorites, passwords, and contacts in one browser are reflected in the other browser immediately. We would like to send you press releases from time to time. Do you have an email address I can use instead of this form?
    Ron White

  11. Hello Kristen Nicole,

    I checked your Mashable publishing and found it Great. I am attached with a US medical company and would like to share this company news on Mashable with your help,

    Please let me know if you can help me out in this regards, You can get back reply back to me via my email,

    Looking forward to hear from you soon,


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